Glass Railing Staircase

Frameless Glass Staircase

This Glass Staircase is frameless, Embedded in the concrete zucalo at the most 3". The hardest part is the first to six step because the glass on the right side is un-natural curved we create a customize stainless mold and cook the glass in oven ( kiln machine ) until the glass reaches each exact curve.
We Use 12mm Clear Tempered Glass.
Aluminum Stainless U-Channel at the bottom.
Solid Wood on Top Rail in Wengge Finish.

Ayala Hillside, Quezon City.

Grill Works

Grill Works

Glass Railings Philippines is well experienced in wrought iron and metal fabrication specializing in Wrought Iron Gates, Gates, Pedestrian Gates, Customized Wrought Iron Gates, Wrought Iron Stair Railing, Spiral Stair, Grills, Staircase, Balcony Railing, Fence, Wrought Iron Fences, Window Grills and all Metal Fabrications.

Glass Works

Glass Railing, Tempered Glass Railing

We are conformed to the latest and changes of DESIGNS and STYLES in the industry of glass works. Glass Railings Philippines is offerings services on Glass Railing Fabrication, Tempered Glass Stair, Tempered Glass Balcony, Textured Glass, Stainless Glass Railing, Customized Glass Railing, Textured Glass Railing and all Glass Accessories.

GR Accessories


Glass Railings Philippines has also the ability to provide and create you a casted material accessories parts of your Grills, Furniture and designs. Our accessory ornament products are made of Casted Aluminum, Casted Brass, Casted Metal and Casted Resin to customized and fit your requirements.